Team Training

CircaFit offers Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning sessions in the form of circuit-based training. All programs are created based on the sport and age of the athletes, and executed by highly trained, experienced and professional certified trainers.

It incorporates a dynamic warm up, workout and cool down with static stretching. This style of training utilizes exercise of all energy systems by keeping rest times short, and work intervals at high intensity. Not only do the exercises and movement patterns improve cardiovascular capacity and strength, but also the neuromuscular and cognitive function of motor patterns unique to sport. The workouts are constantly altered to ensure sufficient muscular overload and to combat the onset of plateaus.

Depending on the season’s periodized programming, workouts are geared towards working on specific or concurrent goals such as power, speed/agility, strength/hypertrophy, strength endurance, and Vo2. Athletes are instructed on how to properly execute drills and exercises with proper form and sufficient load. This optimizes performance and reduces any instance of risk to injury.